Welcome to the Muppet Clan Web Site!

We hope you enjoy your stay... We, the muppets, enjoy playing Quake
immensely...  We ftp'd the Qtest the day it came out, played it until our
eyes bled, and when the shareware version came out, we called  id 
and ordered our copies!  Since then, Statler and I have finished it on
'hard', and I'm not sure about the rest of us...
We've been playing deathmatch on the 'net now for about three months and, with few exceptions (maybe we've been playing on the wrong servers), we have been ranked in the top 2 or 3 spots. =)
We don't have an official skin or color yet, though we prefer red... We are also in this for having fun and stuff... we are not really into the 'so and so clan will die... they are our enemies' kind of thing... if challenged, we will fight and probably be victorious ; ) but we're not vindictive about it...

well... enough blabbing... on with the normal 'Quake Clan' web site stuff...

.AU version of our theme song!

Animal's Custom Map for the Muppet Server!
Servers we hang at: (idSoftware's server - come get some, tokay =) (cool team server with realistic weapons patch, etc.) (quake.bodycount.com)

Current Members
ImageNameFavorite WeaponFavorite Level
StatlerRocket LauncherUnderearth
WaldorfQuad powered Double-BarrelAnyone by Willits
AnimalSuper NailgunStart
FozzieGrenade LauncherThe Necropolis
RizzoRocket LauncherThe Dismal Oubliette

Future Members
Swedish ChefDerflauchen de fryedie fraggie!
BunsenI shall negotiate your present state of togetherness and convert you to eeeency teeency pieces.
BeakerMe mee MEEE!
KermitHi ho, there, won't you eat my pineapple?

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Also check out , the official Quake Map editor of the Muppet Clan.

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